Committed to advocating for the Roberts community's needs and requests for a

safe, functional and aesthetic result from MDT's Hwy 212 re-construction improvements. 



     The average citizen is not adept at interpreting road construction schematics and MDT did not, prior to starting construction, provide updated conceptual diagrams understandable by the layman. So as the reconstructed Hwy 212 began to take shape,  residents began to notice and learn about its undesirable features, such as the unsightly ditches on both sides of the road, the plan for a center turn lane with resulting inadequate shoulder space, and the fact that the post-construction speed limit would return to 45 MPH.

     Michael Gebhardt and Sanford Langager decided in early November 2019 to take action. They distributed flyers to call for a community meeting. About twenty people attended and it was clear that everyone in attendance was not pleased with the new Hwy 212.


     The result of that community meeting was a handful of people expressing their interest to help. Five residents met around a kitchen table where it was suggested to form a committee named RISC and they drafted the initial list of construction change requests.


     Twenty-six people attended the second community meeting, documented as RISC Meeting #1, and unanimously voted to officially establish the RISC committee. The list of construction change requests was discussed at length until unanimous consensus was reached for each change request. These change requests were sent to MDT in letter form. MDT responded and met with RISC on 12/3/2019 at the Roberts Fire Hall. Thus began the ongoing RISC lobbying effort with MDT.


     With the conviction to represent the views of the community and not just its own, RISC has sought to keep the community informed by posting updates in the Roberts post office before and after each RISC meeting, every meeting of which has been open to the public. Detailed minutes of each meeting can be viewed at                       . Also, RISC has designed a brochure and survey which can be viewed at                      .











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RISC founded in 2019